Hello all

I have a test site <http://www.bureke.com.au/test/index.html> which is valid 
XHTML/CSS. The style
sheet is here: <http://www.bureke.com.au/test/styles/global.css>

In order for it to work cross-platform (I have tested on Firefox, IE5, IE5.5, 
and IE6 on the PC, and
Firefox, Safari and IE5.2 on the Mac) I have added all sorts of float and clear 

My questions are these:

1. What is the best way to test for redundant code (other than removing code 
and testing on all
browsers, line by line)? Can any of you 'float gurus' see any glaringly obvious 

2. I have used a modification of one of Russ' tutorials for the #header and 
#subnav - to float the
menu elements left and right. Is there a cleaner way to achieve this other than 
to apply a class to
*every* <li> tag?

3. Disabling styles in the browser provides three (3) separate lists comprising 
#header, #mainnav
and #subnav *without* any explanation or visual hierarchy (obviously). Is there 
a better way of
making it easier for someone without css (eg Netscape 4 users) or text readers 
etc to differentiate
between these navigational elements?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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