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But to reiterate: <h1> has semantic connotations - the content it
marks up is a heading. <pre>, on the other hand, does not provide
any indication of what's inside, only how it's displayed.


Yes, absolutely. BUT what I'm harping on about here is that if you set your
basic font in the body (or somewhere up there :-) you could then use <h1> in
the html without qualifying it in any way with CSS, so long as you are happy
with the way the browser displays it. (and it's not IE, of course!).  You
probably wouldn't do this, but it illustrates the point.

The <h1>  says 'this is a heading' no more, no less, and  the <pre> says
'this is some preformatted text', no more, no less. Neither really tells you
'exactly' what it's going to look like. OK, you 'expect' the <h1> stuff to
be larger (which it isn't always) and you 'expect' the <pre> to appear in
Courier font with white space etc, but you personally haven't defined
either.  The 'formatting' is done elsewhere (in this case, by the browser's
interpretation, NOT in the html markup, nor indeed in the CSS in this
example.  So I can't see the difference.

OK, I'm not going to labour this or do it to death, but I can't grasp this.


Bob McClelland,
Cornwall (U.K.)

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