Ahh, cool. Looks like the white-space property is supported well enough.


I'll go back to using <code> for code blocks then. :)

Thanks for pointing out the property, Martin.


On 5/31/05, Martin J. Lambert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> From: Ben
> After some testing, I think it's best to stick to using <pre> for
> blocks of code. <code> won't preserve whitespace, so your code's
> not going to have any indenting unless you use a lot of non-breaking
> spaces which will inflate the size of your file and not to mention
> a real be a pain in the butt to add.

How about using the <code> element (since it IS code), and using
the following styles:

code {
        display: block;
        white-space: pre;

In my very quick test just now it seems to work in Firefox and IE,
so I'd assume it works pretty much anywhere. This gets you the best
of both worlds - the semantics of <code> and the presentation of

Martin Lambert

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