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Secondly, with the Word documents, if there is an easier way to convert them to HTML? At the moment I am saving as HTML from Word, taking them into Dreamweaver and using 'Clean up Word HTML'. After that I use 'Find and replace' to strip out all <font>, <span> and attributes from <p> such as "class" and "style". At which point I still have to mark up the document with proper headings, bulleted lists, etc. A little time-consuming and fiddly to say the least!

Am I doing this right or is there another way to make these files accessible? (and make my life easier, after all it is Friday :-) )


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I would skip the part where you save from Word into HTML. Why give yourself the grief?

If you copy and paste the text into the 'content' part of your standard page, the line breaks will show you where the paragraph and headings are. I'm using Homesite so I just select and repeat the similar code ( first p, then h1, h2 etc) from one end of the document to the other.

Generally the only thing missing them is the the use of bold and italic within the text (not part of the heading structure) and any tables or lists within the text.

Validate to catch any stray weirdness and on to the next.

Perhaps not the most interesting type of web coding but listening to music of your taste, you can work up a good rhythm and code a whack of stuff relatively cleanly. Not a bad way to spend a Friday.

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