A thumbnail of a web site page would probably look sharper as a gif instead of a jpeg. You mentioned lossy compression. That is what made me assume you are saving them as jpeg.  Try gif or png instead. Otherwise the previous advice sounds great.




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Hi Cole,


Your mistake can also be step 3. If you're on a Windows box then you're quite possibly dealing with conflicting image resolutions. If you create a new image in Photoshop you'll notice that it's most likely set to 72dpi. I believe Windwos default is 80(?).


I then recommend using the Image->Image Size... menu item to resize images, not Transform->Scale.


If you're going to use a sharpen filter then go with Unsharp Mask ona settingn of about 150%, 1.2px, 7 threshold. You can then simply Ctrl-F to apply Last Filter in order to increase the effect if you want more.




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Use save for web then use the resize tab below the output options. Chose jpeg medium from the top. Should be good quality output.


Chris Dawes


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Hello All -


I'm having a mess of a time getting sharp thumbnails of the site's I've built into a thumbnail format.


Here's what I do:


1. Load the home page of a site into a browser

2. Use a screen capture utility to snap an image of the home page

3. paste the capture into PhotoShop

4. Transform/Scale the image from it's captured size (760 pixels x 550 pixels) down to a 165 x 115 pixel thumbnail


And...everything turns to mud - or pretty close to it.

If I sharpen the thumb, it's slightly better, but sharpen too much and it's "halo" city. Yuck.


I know it's an issue of pixel loss during the reduction, but what to do?


Surely there must be a better way as I've seen some sites with small thumbs of large images that are excellent looking.


What are they doing (or what are YOU doing) that I'm not?


Thanks to al in advance,




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