Joshua Street wrote:
I don't have a Mac either, but supposedly Konqueror and Safari use
similar rendering engines, so I tested in that instead.

It is indeed mildly broken, but certainly acceptable.  The footer will
render at the very bottom of the viewport on page load without any
problems, HOWEVER, if the user subsequently resizes the viewport (to
increase the vertical height), the footer will remain at the bottom most
point at which it last rendered.  This also occurs if the window is
resized upwards (e.g. vertical height is reduced) and then downwards
again (e.g. vertical height is increased/returned to "normal" size).

Why not just use the technique from Bobby van der Sluis, it works all the time on dom enabled browsers;

Maarten Stolte

Nothing show-stopping.

Having said all that, no guarantees it's exactly the same as Safari...

On Sat, 2005-07-16 at 19:01 +0800, Kay Smoljak wrote:
Looks like someone has found a mostly-reliable CSS-only solution to
that common footer problem - getting a footer to stick to the bottom
of the viewport no matter how long or short the content is, which
doesn't overlap the content when the window is resized:

Explanation: http://solardreamstudios.com/learn/css/footerstick/
Example: http://solardreamstudios.com/_img/learn/css/footerstick/footerstick.html

Apparently it doesn't work in IE5 Mac or Safari. IE5 Mac I can mostly
live without, but Safari is a bit of a bugger. I don't have a Mac here
so I can't test - I'm curious as to whether it can be made to degrade
acceptably. Could someone with a Mac please check the test page?



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