Thierry Koblentz wrote:

- Is a DL the right markup for the FAQ and Directions pages?

I think a definition list is the most semantically correct markup for an
FAQ. If you look at the w3 documention on lists it says that DLs
"...consist of two parts: a term and a description" which is pretty
close to the structure of an FAQ/FQA. The definition term is posed as a
question, e.g. "What sets the Gold Membership apart from silver or
bronze?" and the definition description would answer that, further
defining the term. Maybe that's a stretch but I think it's the best fit
we've got within our toolset. 

I'm not sure a definition list is the best choice for directions because
they have an order by necessity. So I would consider an ordered list,
beaten into submission with style. Normally. BUT the way you are
delivering directions on this site eliminates confusion as to "ordering"
since you used a narrative style. 

I'm not sure it's any *less* correct than the use of a DL for the FAQ.
After all, you are defining the term "store location from 280" and
answering with a definition of place. (It's not that disimilar from a
legal description of land in the U.S., for example "Southwest Quarter of
the Southwest Quarter of Section 18, Township 27, Range 16 except a
tract out of the Northwest corner thereof, described to-wit..."). That's
*defining* but also directional. Seems like your directions are too.


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