Hi Christian,


I checked out your site in Safari 1.3.1, Firefox (Mac) 1.0.6, IE 5.2 & Camino 0.8.2 on 1024 x 768.


The page renders nicely in all browser except for IE 5.2. The layout is shot in this browser. I wouldn’t be too concerned about this, as IE 5.2 is a real pig to design for, and has very few users, (less than 2% market share I believe).


The only slight difference I noticed between my Windows machine on 1280 x 1024 & the Mac was that the line ‘Complementary Color’ jumps onto two lines when viewed in the lower resolution, (1024 x 768). Not a big issue, but you may want to address it by reducing the font slightly. Other than that, nice job! (It validates fine too).




Nick Lazar

8bits Web Technology

Sunshine Coast, QLD






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Hello all.

I just finished a site and it looks ok in IE 6 / FF / Opera. I'm not too concerned about compatibility with older browsers, just wondering if it works ok in Mac and Linux. The site is here: http://color.rdpdesign.com
Any advice is also welcome.


- C Montoya
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