Hi all

I am trying to find a web standards compliant way of styling a title for
a description of references within an article.

Eg: <sup title="Ernster L, Forsmark P &amp; Nordenbrand K. (1992) The
mode of action of lipid-soluble antioxidants in biological membranes.
Relationship between the effects of ubiquinol and vitamin E as
inhibitors of lipid peroxidation in submitochondrial particles. J Nutr
Vitaminol Spec No:548-51">7</sup>

If I use the above example the full reference is obviously truncated as
"title" has a predetermined maximum width.

I have found a css/javascript example:


but it doesn't appear to work on any mac browsers (I haven't tried

Does anyone have any other ideas/suggestions?

Presently the site has a link to the bottom of the page which lists all
the references, which is OK, except that the reader loses their place
when they return to the article.

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