Hi Andy

Thank you for your input.

Unfortunately the exact wording of the content (in this client's case)
is legally required, and so the possibility of editing it, or the
references, in any way is out of the question.

I like the idea of linking back to the content once the reader has read
the relevant footnote, but there are many instances when more than one
footnote is attributed to a portion of the content (see example below).
Also, the same footnote reference is referred to in different portions
of the content.

I also agree that a link says "click me" rather than "hover over me for
a few seconds".

I guess I might just need to retain the <sup>[1]</sup> with either a
link to the reference in the footer (and *no* corresponding return
link), or *no* link at all.

Below is an example where there are two references to a sentence:


<p>There may be up to a 40% decline in CoQ10 blood levels and this
deficiency may lead to decline in ejection fraction and functional
status. Deficiency can be prevented by co-administration of 100 mg/day
of CoQ10 leading to enhanced benefit through reduced oxidation of LDL
cholesterol. <sup>[8]</sup>, <sup>[17]</sup></p>


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