I like the idea of linking back to the content once the reader has read
the relevant footnote, but there are many instances when more than one
footnote is attributed to a portion of the content (see example below).
Also, the same footnote reference is referred to in different portions
of the content.

One option is to use some javascript to bring up a "pop up" message (hidden or dynamically built div, at the mouse location) that retrieves content from the relevant bookmark/footnote.

I did something like this in 2002, although it was IE specific - using window.createPopup(). It doesn't work in other browsers (wasn't much of a consideration for me in 2002) but could probably be amended to work in other browsers.

See http://www.klikbooks.com/Communication.html for an example. Look for a link with the text "PECS" and click on it. Perhaps a variation of this method (so you get a similar effect in other browsers) would be an option?

Yes, I used a table for layout back in 2002.

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