Nope: it's the demo page that is failing. Might be the browser (I'm
using Safari and Firefox at present, and rebuilding my Windows box
after a trojan popped in).

We're only talking a few pixels: the text does show the hover state,
but if I were to use a table cell, the entire cell would show it. At
present, the hover finishes at exactly the edge of the text, and not
to the div border.

Also, haven't licked the white text on hover bit, either - and yes, I
can see a conflict with the author/comment/timestamp tags.

On 15/11/05, Patrick H. Lauke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> ivanovitch wrote:
> > Thank you: this is a great improvement, but not quite there. I've
> > added the  extra declaration as shown, but...
> >
> > This addtion only hovers the text component, not the entire span area.
> > A table cell would go to the ruled edges - it's only a few pixels, I
> > know, but it's important. (and I've not solved the white text on
> > hover, either!).
> Adding the proposed declarations to your DEMO page works just fine. Are
> you checking it there, or are you adding the extra CSS to your actual
> live project, rather than the cut back demo one? If that's the case, you
> probably have some more rules in your full page that are interfering
> with the proposed styles. Can you not post the URL to your full page?
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