Dear all

I've been trying very hard to propel myself into the 21st century and
apply web standards and use good CSS as much as possible, but I'm
stuck on getting a div to honour a hover state that I am trying to
build. Guidance appreciated...

The demo page is at - it's cut right backto
highlight my problem. Ignore the content, and the site URL

I'm trying to find a way to make blocks of text in a div (item) to
display the hover background for the entire div, and not just the
linked text. I'd also like the hover state to apply to only the divs
in question, and not all other linked text. What am I doing wrong?

I can do this standing on my head and one hand behind my back using
tables, but I'm not going back now. And yes, I've googled myself to
death on this one, which is why I'm asking!

Thanks in advance.

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