First, which version of Opera are you testing ?

7.5blah, 8.02, 8.5

Second, what kind of content goes into that absolute positioned element ?


If I put an element with just some static text in, Opera 7.5 - 9 prev display the same as Firefox (1.6a1 nightly), Camino (1.0b), iCab, Safari 1.2+.

Doesn't for me. One of my many irritations with Opera.

The spec doesn't specify exactly what should happen;  here is the key:
<quote> CSS 2.1 does not define the exact algorithm</quote>

Well yes, but essentially it is either going to expand to 100%, shrink to the minimum width or shrink to fit the available space.

What exactly is a line break ? Does the end of a *floated* span constitute a line break in this context ?

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