Alan Trick wrote:

> As far as server side languages like PHP, JSP, and the other
> abominations - I think that probably belongs in another course. 

Being far removed from higher education, I'd kind of skipped this
thread but that caught my eye; the originating comment:

>>For example, Movable Type, Wordpress and other blog systems are all open
>>source CMS tools. A web designer is going to need to think about how to
>>create templates based on the functionality of these CMS systems. The
>>ones I mentioned are php/mySql, but there are other that are Java, ASP
>>and JSP as well.

I think it would help non-programmers to evaluate CMS/framework
software if they were at least aware of the 'MVC' design pattern
(and the concept of Design Patterns in general, for that matter).

The Model-View-Controller pattern represents a separation of data,
presentation, and business logic in the overall system, as current
(X)HTML/CSS is intended to separate data and presentation at the
View level.

Finding a template system with code interwoven through the markup,
or worse yet *generating* markup (when you see something like e.g.
"print '<p><b>gack!</b></p>';"), should tip the developer that it
will be extremely painful to make substantial changes.

OTOH, a template system like e.g. '<p><b>${exclamation}</b></p>'
will be much more flexible. Some languages lend themselves to the
latter approach more than others, but that's OT for this forum. :-)

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