[Lori wrote]
I am new to (trying to learn how) constructing standards conforming web
pages using XHTML and would like to know what HTML editor you folks that are 
light years ahead of me would recommend?

[Lachlan wrote]
Since you're new, you might want to stick with HTML4

Lachlan, here is a classic example of a person new to Web Standards asking for 
a recommendation about which editor to use and instead you embroil this person 
in a debate over MIME types. Do you think this is a healthy environment for 
newcomers to learn about Web Standards? Why do you need to stir things up?

Since you brought up MIME types and Hickson's article, let me say that you will 
get a lot more credibility for your argument if you stop referring to an 
article that is based on flawed assumptions.


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