Vlad Alexander (XStandard) wrote:
Lachlan wrote:
I challenge you to name several readily available off-the-shelf CMSs that actually do make use of XML tools.

Here comes shameless self promotion - any CMS that uses XStandard.

I meant on the back end. The use of XStandard on the front end doesn't guarentee well formed input or output from all sources.

What about user's leaving comments with embedded markup, trackbacks, pingbacks, etc.

What about stripping and replacing named entity references?

What about handling character encoding issues properly, which is supposed to cause fatal well-formedness errors (although it doesn't in Gecko).

What if a user doesn't install the XStandard plugin and just uses a text area for input?

All of these issues require proper XML processing on the back end, and you can't seriously claim that all CMSs using XStandard on the front end, do so on the back end too.

Plus, you still run into trouble when the user includes scripts and styles written for text/html and untested in XML.

Lachlan Hunt
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