On 12/4/05, Bob Schwartz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> None of those. I just mentioned that I was unable to convice my
> friend to change his ways and his strongest reason not to was his
> (fairly complicated) site that worked just fine in a lot of browsers
> which he built without jumping through any of the hoops I go through
> trying to get a complicated layout to work in as many browsers.
> I'm all for standards and everything else this list is about, but I
> do feel we might be spending a lot of time preparing for a "State
> Dinner" when what we are really going to attend is a "come-as-you-
> are" BBQ in the backyard.

If it's HTML 2.0 I assume it's got numerous font tags mixed in with
the multiple nested tables. I guess you and you're friend only create
web sites as a once of service and don't maintain them for your
clients because maintaining "tag soup" is not fun and that is the
biggest advantage of CSS and tableless layouts. Sure when you first
start out creating tableless layouts they take a while, but it gets
easier and faster the more you do it - probably like when you first
learn how to design layouts using tables.

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