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Folks - you've helped out before, and I'm asking again. Pardon if this
sounds all too simple, but I've yet to find a solution either in this
list's archives, or on the web.

I'm trying to create a fluid layout with two columns, but whilst the
left column is variable width, the right column (sidebar) is to be a
fixed width (190px). This is entirely because the right column
contains an image in every instance. But I want the left column to
take up the remainder of the space (viewport width - 190px).

Everything that I've seen or reviewed works fine if I wish to break
the columns by percentage, or pixel widths on both. And min-width
doesn't seem to work for IE.

Having divved up some non-table examples using the usual suspects, my
efforts result in my finding that when making the viewport window very
small (or when enlarging the text to huge sizes), the left column
slides under the righthand column.

Have you checked something like...
div#right {float:right; width:190px}
div#left {margin-right:190px}
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