Hi there,

> - Does anyone know of an accessible PeopleSoft built application?

I haven't heard of one which is what I would call accessible :)

> - Has the issue of PeopleSoft generated code been an issue or is the
> responsibility that of the company using it?

The PS code is all tables and bad markup - so, it's the code, not the client.

> - Does anyone know if, besides white papers, Oracle/PeopleSoft are
> actually working on standard code that is accessible?

Can't say for sure. PS claim their current product is accessible, so
it's very difficult to evaluate any claim they make :) I have heard
"hope for better in Fusion", since the current code base would just
take too long to overhaul.

> - How customizable is the HTML PeopleSoft spits out?

You can customise bits and pieces, but overall it's not customisable.
PS would say otherwise; and you can probably customise it with a vast
injection of time and money; but in a practical sense with a
real-world budget.... no, it's not customisable. You might be able to
change a few colours and a logo.

You can probably tell I'm not a fan of PS :)



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