Yes, the key to this argument/discussion is whether your site offers a service to the general public. As suggested earlier we cant expect someone hosting his/her home page on Geocities to follow web standards, but anyone offering services online bears a moral responsibility to make those services available to as many people as possible, regardless of whether they are a minority of your target audience or not, and, at least in the UK, a legal responsibility.

>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 07/12/2005 15:10:48 >>>
I was being specific and not defining the situation well, my bad.  In
the UK it is against the law to provide an inaccessible service. 
Therefore ONLY in the field of Accessibility, it is within the rights of
any disabled person to demand that any UK site should be accessible.  In
practice, it means at least passing the WAG 1 test.

I don't think that Managers and "The-people-who-control-the-money" do
believe that not following standards will cost them and publicising web
standards is still a big issue.


Duckworth, Nigel wrote:
> Stephen Stagg:
>> A better way to force the implementation of Accessibility
>> standards would be to set up a group, or just urge disabled
>> people, to sue companies and web hosts who serve inaccessible
>> sites. Once people and customers realize that getting it
>> wrong will cost them, I'm sure that they will soon mend
>> their ways.
> Wow. Isn't one of the arguments for web standards that "getting it wrong
> will cost you"? Obviously not enough in your estimation. I do believe
> that standards and accessibility are beneficial but that's a question
> that each individual, designer and business should decide for
> themselves. No one has the right to force them to conform [1]. In my
> opinion such "we know what's good for you" arrogance only harms the
> standards movement.    
> Regards,
> -Nigel
> [1]
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