This thread is really off topic so let's leave it here, but to correct 
something (sorry Lachlan)...

This works on IIS as well, as long as it's a .shtml or .shtm file to tell IIS 
to parse it for any required processing (like an include) before serving it 
(unless your host doesn't allow them). ICYDK: IIS is Microsoft's "Internet 
Information Server".

I tested all three you mentioned and they all worked on my IIS server (Win2k).

1.   <!--#include virtual="/included.htm" -->
2.   <!--#include virtual="included.htm" -->
3.   <!--#include file="included.html" -->


> They're called server side includes and they work on Apache.  They've
> got nothing to do with frames.  I don't believe they're in
> any official
> standard, Apache is the only server I know of that implements
> them like
> that (though, I don't know much at all about other servers).

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