Thanks, but I fail to see what this has to do with the Beta 2 version. The Beta 2 version is installed on top of IE  6 and acts as it should so far. I am assuming that they have fixed any issues with Beta 1 before releasing a public beta. I have uninstalled it and all works fine in IE6 but what I want to make sure is that I can fix issues with my previous designs so that they don't remain broken in IE7 when it is in GA release.

I will restate my question to be more clear:

Are there any resources, index, tables or references on specific differences between IE7 box model and other browsers that will enable me to check and correct for layout issues that will exist on designs in IE 7?

I don't want to have to try tweaking every single line of my stylesheets to GUESS if I have fixed it (as we all know, just because it LOOKS right in the browser doesn't mean that it IS right). There are two places I have found issues. One relates to display:table-cell and display: table. In addition I have some odd margins/padding issues with one site that doesn't exist in other sites with similar layout.

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Miles Davies wrote:

You should think twice before installing any Microsoft Better products.

On 01/02/06, Jay Gilmore <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I have downloaded IE7 Beta 2 and I have looked at a couple of my sites. I have found some problems (never mind how slow the programs is). I use some * html hacks and some display:  inline block tricks to emulate tables in IE's 6 and lower. Are there resources for ways to fix these hacks that are backward compatible or is the only way the method suggested by IE team which is to use conditional comments in the *head* and use a separate stylesheet?

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