Stephen Stagg wrote:
Why do we need an HTML 5? Can't we dispose of HTML and just use styled XML in the future?

How could you know what style to apply to meaningless content? Effective styling depends on document semantics. Without semantics, you may as well be using <font> elements.

Effectively, it all comes down to this:

<div class="h">Foo Bar</div>

.h { font-size: large; font-weight: bold; }

Would you agree that that is a bad idea? How is that any different from inventing your own markup language and doing this:

  <h>Foo Bar</h>

Microformats and Micro-Namespaces could then be used to allow true semantic delivery.

A major factor in the development of microformats is that they reuse existing document semantics, where possible. They aren't just about making up new class names and relationship values. "Micro-Namespaces" is a term you just made up, it means nothing.

Lachlan Hunt

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