I recently launched an overhaul of the interface of
www.education.gov.au.  Its been a bit of a battle trying to get the
client to sacrifice things for the sake of accessibility and
standards-compliance, not to mention the state of the legacy content and
CMS templates, battles still raging.... aaaaanyway , those things

There is a problem with the 3-column layout I've implemented.  In IE at
resolutions around 800x600 and below the centre column is dropping below
the left and right floated columns.  I know its to do with the animated
GIF logo at the top of the centre column and have already made a fix
(not in production yet) so the problem doesn't occur at 800x600.

What I'm looking for is suggestions of better columnar layout in which
rather than the centre column dropping down, columns stay where they
should and the browser's horizontal scrollbar appears instead.

URL:    www.education.gov.au
CSS:    http://www.education.gov.au/intranet.css
        etc... so many, you're better off using the FF Web Dev

Any advice is much appreciated!


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