Terrence Wood wrote:

>> Both of the articles mentionned abobe say that the defining feature
>> is to *replace* the document with another one, *not* to take the
>> user to another part of the same document.
> Again, you are misquoting the recommendation. Both articles are
> talking about not opening new windows.

>> I'm just saying that "jump links" are not "issue free"
> If your opinion is based on your understanding of the USEIT article,
> you are misinformed.

Are you saying that you disagree with my interpretation of these articles or
that I am plain wrong?
Of course I can be wrong, but IMO the popup window reference is irrelevant.
If you simply replace "opening new windows" with "using jump links" you'll
see that both articles make as much sense .
It seems that for the author the bottom line is *consistency*, atleast
that's how I read it...

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