Blind Cal student sues Target. Suit charges retailer's Web site cannot be used by the sightless. "... What I hope is that Target and other online merchants will realize how important it is to reach 1.3 million people in this nation and the growing baby-boomer population who will also be losing vision," said plaintiff Bruce Sexton Jr., 24, a blind third-year student at UC Berkeley.

Sexton, who is president of the California Association of Blind Students, said making Target's Web site accessible to the blind would also make it more navigable by those without vision problems....

I'm happy to see this. thanks.

a question. I just installed the extension Fangs on mozilla last night (i don't think its available for the latest Firefox version, yet). hummmm. it doesn't say it will install on Mozilla, but visited with mozilla and it did - works fine.

does anyone have any opinion as to how accurate it is?  other users here?


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