Cade Whitbourn wrote:
The compatibility issue is caused by our use of CSS filters. They
specificially highlight our use of Star HTML Hack, Selector HTML Hack
and the Holly Hack.

I'm not sure what you mean by the "Selector HTML Hack".

The problem with the * html filter is that they removed it without solving all the limitations it's required for. However, removing it was the right move to make, because now that * html is removed from IE7, it does make it completely safe to use for targeting IE6 and earlier, you just need to sort out which limitations are still present, and thus which patches are still required to be applied and find an alternate filter to use.

Personally, I rarely use anything but the holly hack:

  * html foo { height: 1%; }

And it turns out that for the one site I've fixed up, all I had to do was remove most occurences of it from throughout my stylesheet and move them all to an additional stylesheet which is now imported using a conditional comment

<!--[if lte IE 7]><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/style/iehacks.css"><![endif]-->

For example, I had many occurrences like this scattered throughout:
  * html foo { height: 1%; }
  * html bar { height: 1%; }
  * html baz { height: 1%; }

Now, in iehacks.css, I have:

foo, bar, baz { height: 1%; }

It does make it a little cleaner and effectively makes the other stylesheets hack free (except for the display:inline; patch to fix double-margin float bugs and 1 or 2 IE6 only bugs applied with * html)

(I would like to just quote the email verbatim but it's headlined
**Microsoft Confidential** which makes me nervous - even though there's
no confidential information in the email that I can see).

Such things are thrown into many corporate e-mails for no other reason than unjustified paranoia, I'm sure no-one would mind if you quoted it fully. It sounds like they're probably sending the same template e-mail to hundreds of sites (just customising it to mention specific hacks).

Lachlan Hunt

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