Vincent Hasselgård wrote:
Does this mean we're supposed to make all the sites we've ever made useless in IE5 and IE6?

No need to dump earlier versions. IE7 has some bug-fixes and somewhat
better selector-support. Apart from that it's just an IE6 which is
slightly harder to make behave like a standard-compliant browser, since
it is indicated that IE7 won't support all that much more CSS2/2.1 than
its predecessors. No big deal, really.

Maybe it's time we just give up on Internet Explorer and design for standards compliant browsers instead?

Are we not doing that..?
Do anyone on [WSG] really /design/ for Internet Explorer?

The sad thing is that of course everyone who's using Explorer will blame the designer of the site and our clients will rip the hair out of their heads because most people use IE anyway.

Don't panic...
Sit down - relax - and wait for the final MSIE7 release. There are no
real problems ahead, just the same old "fixing" of weak CSS support.

If you ask me we're all properly and royally f****d by Microsoft. Why
 won't they play ball with us (and their users)?

Mind your language, and ask them :-)
...or study some of their responses so far:
...interesting ;-)

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