Just a quick note:

    Here in Brazil, some of the big cities have more than 10% of their
buses adapted to wheelchairs. it's not that hard.
   See? it's always an excuse because they will spend money with
people who will not pay that bill.


On 2/12/06, Nic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> To draw a paralel with a physical access issue, in the US, in the 60's,
> african americans wanted to get to ride at the front of the bus.  In 2005,
> people with disabilities can't even get ON the bus.  But transit companies
> can throw all kind of excuses at people with disabilities and reasons why
> they can't make their system accessible.  If they refused access to their
> bus to someone who's black, because he's black, or a mother with a child,
> because she has a child, we'd see that as the discrimination it is.
> Discrimination is discrimination, no matter what "excuses" you wrap around
> it.

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