I've been following this discussion with great interest.

I've taught HTML, CSS and JavaScript at a TAFE, but not as part of a coding course, as part of a graphic design course. That's an interesting environment in which to think about standards -- the students were totally focused on design and graphics, and were really learning three applications: Photoshop, FireWorks and DreamWeaver, rather than what web pages were all about. A brief excursion into source code left them for the most part baffled, if not horrified. Why would anybody do it that way when we have Dreamweaver?

I agree with points others have made:

1) IT staff have an amazing amount of control over what is allowed -- to the detriment of the students' learning what happens in the real world. Not one of my students had ever FTPd a file to a server so, for instance, all their paths had to be relative and they could make mistakes with case-sensitivity with impunity.

2) Syllabuses are either out of date, or more likely, so general as to be meaningless -- students on my JavaScript course had to learn "a scripting language". Students on my HTML course had to learn "a markup language". I could have taught them Visual Basic and SGML and been entirely within the guidelines.

3) There's no time -- I taught a class of fifteen graphic designers the very basics of HTML in a class lasting in total, five hours or so. When they said "how do I get two columns in my page?" I taught them to do a table. Mea Culpa. I did, of course, explain about table versus div positioning, font tags versus CSS, but I didn't attempt to teach them two completely different languages in that very short time. If they achieved a valid page with an <h1>, a couple of <p>s and a working link, I was happy. But I can't say I advanced the cause of standards much...
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