> I hereby publicly declare that my days of complaining to website
> authors that I cannot view their site at 800x600, and then opening my
> big mouth about other dubious issues I notice on their site, are now
> over.

I'm astonished at the tone - although not especially surprised by the
content - of their reply. Even if they thought you were being the
biggest pain in history, they should remain polite when replying.

Their arguments don't hold water of course; but they're clearly not
receptive to any suggestion that they might change. I find it
particularly interesting that they justify heavy scripting to "cater
to the widest audience possible" but they are quite willing to
discount anyone with a screen resolution (or window size) below

http://www.thecounter.com/stats/2006/January/res.php still shows
800x600 as 21% of the market. I doubt that's 21% of people actually
running that resolution, instead I suspect it's a proportion of users
with non-maximised screens as well as those with the actual

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