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On 2/26/06, SunUp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi folks,

I hereby publicly declare that my days of complaining to website
authors that I cannot view their site at 800x600, and then opening my
big mouth about other dubious issues I notice on their site, are now

Ah, but when annoying little standardistas like me tell others to make
their sites accessible and validate their XHTML, I'm being too harsh.

I think you have come across a key lesson for the standards community:
techies know about standards, they are not ignorant, they just have
their own reasons (however lame) for not following them.

I also think there are a lot of people who work in big organisations, companies and even universities, that know that to raise these issues is to put their job on the line. Some developers who have a good understanding of these principles will just shut up for their own sake as they have a mortgage and family to feed... the consequences of raising such issues are that great. And even if you do become successful, just watch yourself get shafted by the person further up the ladder, who takes the credit for it.

There are also developers in these large organisations that make their living from writing code patches to address the short comings in the core approach. They have a vested interest in the problems not being solved. They love such challenges. And if you raise too many issues to say their needs to be a fundamental overhaul of the approach and system, you are basically told to STFU by everyone, not because of lack of credibility of your argument, but because it is stepping on too many toes.

There is more than simple reasoning at play here.

Geoff Deering

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