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> Hi,
>    I'm looking for a way to style a legend element with a 
> background that spans the whole width of the page.  I 
> originally used a regular heading (h3) because I knew the 
> design would have difficulty with fieldset/legend, but the 
> after the accessibility review it was requested that we use 
> fieldset/legend anyway and I need to get the design as close 
> as possible.

I never managed to get legends to look anywhere close to what I wanted them
to in all browsers. They are just being interpreted so differently, I ended
up working around it: I am now using a div and a legend both containing the
same content. Something like this:

<div class="fieldsetTitle">Your Details</div>
<legend>Your Details</legend>

In the css I hide the legend from the general public and format the
.fieldsetTitle the way I want it. I know this is a nasty way of doing it and
I end up doubling information, but that's the only way I ever found. Legends
just cannot be formatted properly.

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