On 3/17/06, Peter Goddard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> I'm an ASP.NET programmer, so I know. I actually have the reverse
> problem. The designer I work with doesn't have the faintest idea about
> standards and I'm the one cleaning out the layout tables.
> Nice one Ben! Sack the designer!

Awww, I'm not that harsh. I'll give him some time to steer away from
the dark side. I've managed to stop him from using tables for
structuring the site. I'm working on weening him off using them for

Anyway, I agree with your advice to Kevin. It would probably be good
to get involved in the
coding up of your design in ASP.NET. You wouldn't have to go all the
way and become a full-on ASP.NET guru, just learn the basic server
controls and how they are rendered in the browser.

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