Hi Peter
Its pleasing that my suggestion seems to be making sense, given that i am a stand alone developer in a small company and its my first .net role!
I think you are absolutely right, Peter, and your clear example illustrates that collaboration wins every time!
Lets all wish Kevin the best of luck in sorting out this issue.
All the best
Peter Goddard

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Peter Goddard wrote:
--> I would even suggest that you
--> consider picking up the basics of aspx page development, not the code,
--> but the web controls that are available in .net and see if you can
--> suggest how you can work more closely ...

a great informative post Peter.

Another vote here for the collaborative approach.
I was in a similar situation with a .NET dev guy and took the "what can I do to make this easier for you" approach to the meeting. He ended up installing Visual Studio on my machine, pointed me in the direction of the templates & repeatable elements, and I looked after all the html/css framework for him. the collaboration had other knock-on positive side effects and he's now an avid css advocate :)

pete o

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