Richard Czeiger wrote:

Can I get a consensus that this is actually the right way to do it?
It feels right, but I'd like the opinion of my venerable peers  :o)

Looks right to me. Note that in a large site with a lot of form pages (online banking, for example) putting meaningful IDs for all the inputs is wasted effort. They just need to be unique and to correlate with the appropriate label.

For speed, I use sequentially numbered IDs for radios or checkboxes; r1, r2, r3. I find it makes the process much faster on autopilot, as it were. Otherwise you spend at least half your time thinking up names that don't suck...

If the other inputs already have meaningful ids (Dreamweaver can insert then automatically when you name them, for instance) I'd use the default ones, otherwise I'd use something like t1, t2, t3 and so on for those too.



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