Helmut Granda wrote:
Does anyone know if there is a stand alone IE6 installer anywhere? Similar to IE4 and IE5. I am running IE7 and I really don’t want to uninstall just to test couple of sites on IE6.



What you are running is a preview release of IE7 Beta 2 not even Beta 2. If the MIX06 release is out then you are running Beta 2 but the MS IE blog has made many attempts to explain that there are still changes coming. In addition it will not be in General Availability till 2007. There are lots of great articles about running IE7 as a standalone and solution that I am using has a batch file that fixes a registry entry that will screw up your IE 6 when they are run on the same machine.

I would strongly suggest that you switch back to IE6 and use a SA version of the IE7 release that is out now.

Just my opinion.

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