Hi all, 

We are an open source based software development company who deal mostly with SME businesses. We write mostly to the standards for CSS2 and deploy with Firefox, Mozilla or Safari. Not having to hack everything for IE has meant we can develop faster and cheaper. 

We now have a potential client that, for reasons beyond reason, wants to use IE. 

We have no intention of hacking the application for this purpose but may consider paying someone else who has the experience to do this for us. 

So my questions are?
i/ Is it possible to just look at the CSS which controls the layout of the whole app and just hack that for them. This is preferable as each user has their own language file which calls their language and CSS. 

ii/ Or is it necessary to look at each page of the application (over 100) and hack the CSS to make them work? 

iii/ Or worst case scenario are there changes that may be required in the HTML. (I don't see why as everything that is to be displayed in the app is in a DIV and all DIVs are controlled with CSS).

iv/ If we go to all the trouble for IE 6 will it all work in IE7. Or is this going to be a separate hack. 

I also need to work out the approximate costs of all the above so we can pass it on to the client. 

Any assistance appreciated. 


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