I have the task of writing the database/dynamic stuff behind an e-commerce
site. The design work and static pages are done by a professional design web
dev house in Brisbane, and yesterday I got hold of their work.  My job now
is to merge their stuff with the shopping cart and other components I've

Heh, I feel your pain. I don't think it's city-related though, it's
about the size and culture of the company. The really big shops are
probably the worst (repeat) offenders since they are so well
established their clients often don't question their work. This is
especially the case for firms that started in print then tacked on web
to their service list (usually by throwing the job at their junior

Some firms know their code is bad but they are quite happy to leave it
that way since the client is stuck getting them to maintain it, slowly
and at great expense. The client probably doesn't realise they're not
getting the best possible result so it's an easy way to develop
ongoing work.

The vendors of major CMS/portal technology follow the pattern too -
their clients can't/won't go elsewhere, so they don't care that their
code is crap.

Naturally not all large firms are crap, but the large size of some
firms does seem to encourage complacency.

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