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Iam working with the interface/html team and maybe the team that build
the aplications wouldn be so open to that changes, they say that is
easiest and quicky putting the native elements of .net tham building,

They're absolutely right, it is easier. That doesn't make it the right
thing to do though.

Now, I'm no server-side programmer, but I get to work with .net quite
a lot. It's got a lot of "features" that make me want to stove
someone's head in with a shovel (the enourmous viewstate, smartnav,
one form per page, table controls that strip out summary attributes
and <th> elements, etc), but when a programmer knows what they're
doing, it's perfectly possible to get it to output nicer code. There's
all sorts of tricks, such as rewriting the HTML by overriding the
render method.

By the sounds of it, your biggest hurdle is going to be the
programmers. They need educating in the ways of the web. Once you've
won them over, you're halfway there. It may be that you have to bite
the bullet and make the best of what you've got though.


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