Best learning book I have ever seen or owned on CSS was CSS the Missing
Manual by David Sawyer McFarland published by Pogue Press / O'Reilly.  The
book is a great book for beginners especially as it walks you through many
of the real world problems. The thing is it does cover a lot of the "Hacks"
including the box model hack from IE5


Kevin J. Lennon

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I agree with all the comments made so far. The book(s) that helped me the
most get my head around CSS and it's applied techniques were:


Web Standards Solutions: Dan Cederholm

CSS Mastery, Advanced Web Standard Solutions: Andy Budd

Designing With Web Standards: Jeffrey Zeldman (new version just came off the


Although the Zeldman book isn't a pure CSS guide it helps anyone understand
the fundamentals of why they work with CSS instead of old FONT tags.


Hope this helps.





On 17 Mar 2007, at 05:47, Cole Kuryakin wrote:

Hello All -


My background for the past 27 years has been in design. 6 years ago I
realized the (financial) necessity to begin learning web design. 3 years
after that came the next leap into HTML/PHP/CSS. So far, so good - well,
most of the time anyway.


I've always been a one-man-band, but now I'm finding myself much busier than
I can handle by myself so I've had to take on another designer who, while
quite good at his art, has never really been fully and satisfactorily
exposed to the fundamentals of CSS. So, I've got to teach him. And that's
the problem.


While my knowledge of CSS has gotten me through each project, and each sheet
validates, I still consider myself a "learner" as I've never had much time
to really, really, really "understand" the box model and other fundamentals
that, lord knows, I SHOULD understand completely by now. I've learned what I
know just via various internet sites and through the help and guidance of
wonderful groups like the WSG.


So, I'm at a crossroads. how can I teach something that I don't feel 100%
competent in? But the clock is ticking; clients are waiting, and my
freelance artist is calling asking "humm, this is breaking. how should I fix
it?" To which I respond . "Ah, humm. let me get back to you on that" - and a
new email flies out to the good folks in this great group for help.


With that lengthy pre-amble, I've got to ask - is there a GREAT book out
there that steps through the learning process of CSS right from the bare
bones that both I and my new artist can use? Not theoretical stuff, but
hand-on, simply-put, illustrative? There are a lot of books out there I
know, but I need a great one, that's very specific about explaining all the
fundamentals of the box model all the way up. I want to complexly stay away
from books that promote or talk about css hacks however (I've been using
conditional comments and IE specific sheets to deal with these problems with
100% success).


A number of SitePoint books on CSS seem pretty good -  based upon their
sample-chapters download - but before I spend US$40 on one, has anyone here
used them?


Besides a book, are there any on-line, step-by-step "foundation to
penthouse" curriculum course that anyone knows about and TRUSTS by


Thanks to all for weighing through this windy post; and advance appreciation
to all who care to comment.







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