On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 14:43:58 +0000, Designer wrote:
> Thanks to those who responded on this.  What I've done is to make a file 
> which uses the
> javascript to determine the space available in the browser window, viz:
[...] (code snipped)
> Of course, since the php is server-side, I then have to send the height 
> variable to the
> php via another page load (window.location.href).
> This page then takes the height, knocks off the div height and divides by 2 
> to get the
> correct margin-top, which it then writes to the inline CSS in two sections:
[...] (more code)
> You can see all this at:  http://www.rhh.myzen.co.uk/gam/sandbox/
> It's a bit clumsy, and I don't like reloading a page, so I'm grateful for any 
> really
> good /suggestions / improvements!

Use JavaScript to change the element's top-margin style directly, perhaps?


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