Hello All -


Yes the age-old minimum height delimma has come to haunt me.


I usually stay away from anything that cannot be done in IE 6 without a
hack, but I've got a client who "loves" a design I did before I realized
that the main container would need to be "held open" vertically under
certain circumstances.


So, now I'm kinda stuck - can anyone help?


#content {

            width: 510px;



            margin: 0 0 0 30px;

            color: #000;

            padding-bottom: 30px;

            position: relative;

            z-index: 1;




I'm trying out Stu Nicholls solution for ie:



* html #content {

height: 500px;




But, it appears to be LIMITING the height of #content to 500px rather than
letting it expand if there's more than 500px of content.


BTW - the reason I'm using position and a z-index on this element is because
there's a element I that that needs to show behind it. I don't know if that
has any effect on this issue or now.


Any help GREATLY appreciated and I PROMISE not to design anything else that
may cause these IE problems. God, what a headache!


If anyone would like to see the problem live, go here: in FF and then IE 6.


Thanks to all in advance,






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