On 2 May 2007, at 20:33:20, Kepler Gelotte wrote:

However, the actual source contains the relevant numeric character
references (“ and ”), not the quote characters themselves.

Hi Nick,

I think you are looking in the wrong place in your HTML source.
You are correct that the double quote is an entity in the title, but the validator is saying the error occurred on line 137 which is the link to the
comments section. The source there is:

                                ... |   <a
href="http://www.nickfitz.co.uk/2007/02/14/why-left-9999px-is- better-for-acc
essibility-than-display-none/#comments" title="Comment on Why "left:
-9999px;" is Better For Accessibility Than "display: none;"">12 Comments

There you can see the double quote is no longer an entity. The error seems
to be in your version of Wordpress and not the validator.

DOH! Yup, I was indeed looking in the wrong place and a hunt through the WP code shows that the post metadata displays the post title without passing it through the apply-filters() function.

Thanks, Kepler; everybody else, sorry for the wild goose chase.


Nick Fitzsimons

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