Can fieldsets only to be used in forms or can they be used to group any sort
of related information together (ie: business name, short description, logo
and link).

The spec's wording is a little vague but by my reading of it, fieldset
and legend are only intended for form controls. Beyond the spec, I
would imagine that the average user's expectation is that
fieldset+legend = form inputs, so purely from a usability point of
view I'd keep fieldsets for forms.

For general content, the heading structure should "group" information
together; and don't forget that although we use them constantly, DIVs
do actually add structure
( When I
really want to break up a page into chunks I also use HRs, although
many people contest that usage I think it's valid.

Lists also group related items together; although I do think it's an
oversight of the spec that you can't explicitly associate a label or
caption with lists. Still, a subheading + list is usually a pretty
clear association.

In some ways it depends if you're talking about page layout or actual
content - ie. is your business name, logo etc being used in a header;
or are you creating a page which lists a bunch of businesses? For the
former I'd simply use a DIV, for the latter a list (maybe a definition

Just my opinion, no doubt there will be plenty of others :)


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