Javascript is really starting to move into the realm of
software/application developer. Currently a bleeding edge javascript
programmer has to have extensive knowledge of the entire 'web
platform'. This includes: server/datastore programming, sound
understanding of client/server architecture, standards compliant
content delivery, client end compatibility, event driven and
accessible user interface design/implementation. And the list goes

Now, frankly thats a kick-ass javascript programmer. More than likely,
you don't need him - let alone can afford him or can hire him as he's
hired already by Yahoo or Google or something... You want someone who
knows how to implement a graphic designers ideas into a static,
browser compatible and hopefully standard semantic markup with a good
separtion of presentation from logic. Anything else is a bonus -  a
bit of experience with javascript (especially use of a framework like
Prototype or Mootools), some experience with Flash is also nice if you
are into that sort of thing too. Thats about the level of javascript I
believe you need to from a front-end developer.

I think though, eventually your front-end developer isn't going to
need to know Javascript inside and out. They probably won't need to
have such an extensive knowledge of the 'web platform' either.
Instead, all the work of on frameworks and libraries will reduce the
requirement to know 'everything'. The datastore/backend guys will just
make sure the data is in a nice format (JSON or something) and that
its accessible from a url - their job is done my friends. User
interfaces will probably be designed using IDE's (Check out Tibco if
you don't believe me) They will be accessible by default due to the
use of better mark-up languages with richer widgets and components.
Browsers will be compliant to standards and code will be portable
between browser and desktop (We can dream can't we?!) In fact, it will
be just like Windows application programming - man how boring!


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