Philip Kiff <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If you have enough time to browse the WSG Mailing List [....]
> then you are probably already at risk of having the
> prices for your web design services severely undercut by someone who
> is younger and faster, and who places less importance on
> "accessibility" or "standards"..."I mean, seriously, whatever! As
> long as it works, right!?!"

A quick clarification, to deflect any criticism about my implied ageism.
That was just an example.  There are of course lots of young whippersnappers
who can code like demons and do so in fully accessible and
standards-compliant fashion.  Indeed, I expect that there are many more
*old* web designers who do things wrong than young ones.  But the younger
ones are often willing work for less (at least initially), and so they are
the real "competition" in the context of my earlier message...


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