Frank Palinkas wrote:
                > IMHO I would like to add one important factor to this. Money.

I would like to throw a spanner in the works here. There are cases where a client is as interested in PRESTIGE as he is in money. See, for example:


as a case where prestige/image is crucial to the business. However, if you want see an example where prestige is also crucial, but the designer has use compliant methods and passed 508 validation (at least) see:


An excellent site! It is interesting to note that, 12 months ago, this site was Flash, with a poor html version as second choice. This is no longer necessary. Inspirational work!

My point is that the client shouldn't need to know anything about the inner cogs and wheels. An experienced designer <em>should <em> be able to give the client whatever he wants and (although often difficult and challenging) he can do this without sacrificing standards or accessibility.


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