Steve Green wrote:
The is not a good example at all. I can see
at a glance that it violates at least three WCAG Priority 2 checkpoints, and
that's without even looking at the code. Some pages violate Priority 1
requirements too.

That's a shame because I really need stunning examples of accessible,
standards-compliant design to show our clients what is possible.


Yes, you are right, of course. Not only that, but you can't resize the often small text in IE, AND the contrast of some of the pages is poor.

However, it <em>is</em> a good example of an organisation that has binned it's previous Flash set up and who is trying to achieve a similar 'prestigious' look using standards markup. I am sure that, in around12 months, this site will have it's problems ironed out and will represent excellence in current design. It's a trend setter.


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